Small Cloud Keychain Making

You’ll make simple and rapid presents in your loved ones with many tiny amigurumi tasks.

This tiny amigurumi cloud tutorial is considered one of them!


La Mia Diamond White (L001) colour thread2.5 mm crochetBlack and red embroidery threadKeyring equipment Fiber Needle


Zn: Chain

X: Widespread needle

V: Increment

E: Decrement


< strong> Note: Returns after 1 row via pulling again.

1) 8zn

2) 6x , 1v (EIGHT)

3) 8x, 4zn (EIGHT)

4) 11x

5) 1v, 9x, 1v (13)

6-9) 13x

10)   1e, 11x (12)

11) 10x, 1e (ELEVEN)

12) 1e, 9x (10)

13) 8x

14) 1v, 7x (NINE)

15) 9x

16) 1v, 8x (10)

17) 10x

18) 1e, 8x (9)

19) 7x, 1e (8)

20) 1e, 6x (7)

21 ) 6x

22) 3x, 1e (FOUR)

2 of this piece is knitted and combined with a widespread needle. Whilst becoming a member of, the fiber is put in and after the becoming a member of is completed, the important thing ring apparatus is connected. Mouth and eyes are processed.


Your key chain is ready!

Use it on stunning days!

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