Small Twists Hair Band Making

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Lately we’ve got prepared slightly twist scarf recipe for you.

we are positive that this trendy scarf will suit you very well.

Let’s get started knitting at the moment! < /


Gazzal Baby Cotton Crimson (3422) colour hand knitting yarn3.FIVE mm crochet


1) Let’s pull 15 chains.

2) Let’s make 1 single railing to every slot from 1 again.

3) Let’s make a double railing to every slot. < /

4) Let’s pull 2 ​​chains. Let’s wrap the back of the next slot from the back and make a rear dental handrail. Let’s wrap the next two loops from the front and make a front dental handrail. Let’s make 2 + 2 tires on this way.

5) Let’s proceed with FIVE extra tires.

6) Front teeth handrails Let’s reposition the loops by creating a entrance tooth to the again teeth and back tooth handrails.

7) Knit the again enamel handrails as the again teeth. Let’s bounce 1 in the front ones and make a entrance teeth to the other, then we will be able to make a front teeth triple handrail to the loop we skip. Let’s twirl front tooth handrails on each entrance.

8) Let’s continue the double handrail because the fashion comes within the again rows. Let’s make a twirl for 30 cm.

9) Let’s knit all of the loops from the again if entrance, and from the front if back. the location of the loops has changed.

10) Let’s knit 5 more rows of rubber as the trend comes.

11) 1 row of single handrails .

Let’s mix it with the opposite end. Let’s wrap the rope in the center.


Small scarf hair band type is set!

little-twists-sheet-band-making small-augers-sheet-tape-making

Health on your hands!

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