Snail Napkin Making

Hello !! Is it?


Spaghetti Combed Cotton hand knitting threads
Purple (1) color thread
Mild Blue (3) colour threadA small quantity of white color thread7 mm crochet


V: Increment

X: Common needle


Snail Frame

Mild blue knitted with rope.

1) ONE ZERO ONE chains are drawn.

2) Completed by way of doing 1v, 98x, 1v, 98x, 1x.


Pink colour is knitted with string.

1) 6x in the magic ring, loop execution is done over the spikes, the final cc is made and the second one row is made.

2) v * 6, loop execution is again.

3) (1x, 1v) * 6, execute loop once more is done.

4) (3x, 1v) * 6, ultimate loop execution is finished and completed in addition.

on this method, 2 pieces of purple pieces are made.



White knitted with rope.

1) Antenna is made by means of pulling FIVE chains.


1) The part we knit with a blue thread is twisting mechanically. Curl it up and install an antenna at the head.

2) The part we knit with a red thread is sewn to the body section.

That Is it!


Make it easy for everybody who dies.


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