Spiral Knitted Earring Making

Hi ,,

I Am Going to talk approximately making spiral jewelry with spiral development lately.

I made it with two circles, however you’ll do it with 3.

in spite of this technique you can also layout bracelets or necklaces.

So let’s talk.


Snowball Amigurumi hand knitting threads;
1 Water Green (K507) colour thread < br /> 1 piece of Crimson (K1769) colour ip2.5 mm crochet earrings


We knit with crimson color thread.

1) Magic Let’s make 20 double handrails into the hoop, let’s mix with the loop sewing get started. there may be a little bit space in the heart, let’s now not close the ring utterly.

spiral-knit-cup-construction-1 spiral- orgu-kupe-yapısı-1

We switch to the golf green color rope.

2) Let’s cross the string of different colors during the circle we make and make a magic ring.

spiral-knit-cup-make-2 spiral-knit-cup-make-2

THREE) Let’s make 20 double handrails to the magic ring. Let’s combine the loop through beginning.

helix-knit-mug-making-3 helix-knit-mpe -made-3

FOUR) Let’s shut the distance in the circles that have glided by pulling the rope. Let’s hide the ropes.

helix-knitting-cup-making-4 helix-knitting-cup-making- 4

Coiled knit jewelry fashion is about! i hope you prefer it too.

spiral-knot-cup-make spiral-knit-cup-make

Health to your hand already.

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