Spotted Haroşa Baby Vest Making

Hello dear knitting fanatics!

i’m right here with a very simple harosa vest knitting fashion!

it’s each stylish and quite simple to knit!

Delightful knits!


1 Snowball Spotted Child Ebru (H2079) child wool3.5 mm skewer3 button


Sizes are appropriate for 0-6 months.

1) We knit FIFTY EIGHT loops in our knitting and knit 2 flat, 2 opposite 4 cm rubber knitting.

2) Then we knit a total of SIXTEEN cm harosa knitting as much as the armpit. In different words, we knit FOUR cm of rubber + 12 cm of harosa.

THREE) We knit a complete of SIXTEEN cm as much as the armpit and minimize THREE stitches on both sides for the armpit.

< 4) We lower the neck after slicing another 9 cm after slicing. We knit 17 loops and reduce 18 loops to the neck, leaving 17 loops left. We put 17 loops in skewers and knit a front first. In different phrases, we’ve got made the nape of the neck as 17-18-17. Then we positioned the type. spotted-harosa-baby-vest-construction-1 noticed-harosa-baby-vest-development-1

5) The Front of our vest is 17 loops. We knit 6 harosha, 5 instantly, 6 harosha in 4 rows of harosha in duration. Then we knit 3 rows of harosa completely and rebuild the model. on this means, we knit 9 cm and building up the collar and armpit.

6) After knitting the NINE cm type, we increase 12 loops from the collar and 3 loops from the armpit and complete 32 loops. We proceed to knit the model.

7) We knit 2 troops and open our first buttonhole. After THIRTEEN harosha we open the second marrow and after 13 harosha we open the third marrow.

8) After knitting 12 cm model, we knit FOUR cm 2 flat, 2 opposite and finish one in every of our vest. < /

NINE) We Begin the other entrance of our vest. Once More, we knit NINE cm model and build up THREE loops from the armpit via THREE loops and entire 32 loops.

10) We knit 12 cm and knit 4 cm 2 flat, 2 opposite rubber and finish our vest. .

Our vest is about once we stitch it from the sides and placed on the buttons!

spotted-harosa-baby-vest-construction-2 spotted-harosa-baby-vest-development-2

Well Being for your hand!

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