Spring Blouse Making

Hi !

How about knitting a blouse with just undeniable knitting and haroşa knitting methodology?

if you are able, we are starting to give an explanation for the blouse that is very easy to make!


4 pieces of Snowball Cotton Mix Blue (2106S) colour hand knitting yarn FIVE mm skewer wool needle


Choice Of stitches is acceptable for 36 sizes.


1) Begin with EIGHTY loops.

2) THREE rows of knit knit.

3) 9 rows of simple weave are knitted.

4) 1 row of harosa weave is knitted. While 9 rows of knitting are always knitted, rows of harosa are knitted in 1 row, THREE rows, FIVE rows and 7 rows at the end.

6) 6 loops are increased for the arm, the higher loops are knitted for haros. While the arm facet is 27 harosha, 26 loops are knitted for the shoulder, the loops in the heart are cut till 26 loops stay at the finish. the rest stitches are knit 1 more row and 26 loops are reduce in the other way of the knitting. the opposite shoulder is reduce the same means.


spring-blouse-making- 1


1) The again piece is knitted the similar. The triangular formed harosha in the front isn’t knitted within the back. Knitting continues instantly.

should you want the again, you’ll all the time make the same color.


1) The triangle within the entrance part is from the sides of the phase stitching with wool needle.

2) We combine the 2 parts with stitches and end our knitting.

Well Being for your hands!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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