Spring Thin Cardigan Making

Hello everyone!

We Now Have introduced you an overly fashionable cardigan knitting development!

you’ll finish this cardigan instantly and put on it on cool spring evenings!

if you are ready, we will get started knitting in no time!


2 Snowball Angora Herbal Gray hand knitting yarn2 .FIVE mm crochet


Suitable for measurement 36-38.

This card is seamless.

1) 360 chains are drawn. Pull 2 ​​chains and go back. The type to be described from the 2nd level is carried out during FIFTY SIX rows.

2) Proceed until there are 120 double handrails within the form of 2 chains, 1 double handrail, 2 chains, 1 double handrail.

3) FOUR chains are pulled, 2 double handrails, 2 chains and 2 double handrails are made to the 2d railing. 2 chains are pulled, the third handrail is skipped, the 4th handrail is made of 2 double handrails, 2 chains and a couple of double handrails. This procedure continues until the tip of the series.

4) Every model is divided into 12 entrance, 7 type arms and 22 fashions again. After 12 fashions are knitted for front, 7 fashions reserved for the arm are closed. 22 models are knitted for the back. 7 models are closed for the opposite arm. 12 fashions are knitted for front.


1) The back is finished by making 29 rows of patterns.


1) SIXTEEN rows of the same trend are repeated. within the next rows, the type 3-2-1-1 is diminished. Then knit up to 29th row without any aid. Similar procedure is finished for both entrance.


1) NINETY SIX chains are pulled, 2 chains are pulled, double handrails are made, 2 chains are pulled, double handrails makes. This process is continued till the tip of the row.

2) SIXTEEN models are made and knitting in this approach for 17 rows.

3)  18. 1 fashion is higher from all sides in order.

4) 19. 1 style is larger on both sides so as.

5) 20. 1 style is higher on all sides so as.

6) 21. 1 style is increased from all sides so as.

7) 22. 1 type is higher on both sides in order.

8) 23. It is completed in the order.

9) The Other arm is knitted within the comparable way.

10) The shoulders are blended with crochet and the hands are sewn.

Aspect Ornament

1) 3 double handrails are made in THREE holes. THREE chains are pulled, the needle is stuck in the backside. 3 double handrails are made in THREE holes. In this way, the circumference of the cardigan, the ends of the palms, and the collar are knitted.

Simple to return!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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