Square Patterned Glasses Case Making

Hello, my pals who love knitting!

With the crochet motifs, hang the basket of bread, you can knit so much of items on the glasses case.

i will be able to let you know tips on how to make glasses cases with sq. motifs today. < /

Let’s visit the making of this cover that you’ll be able to easily knit and use with your favourite colors!


Örabayan Dora hand knitting threads2 mm crochet


Every row We knit with a different color.

1) We make 12 handrails throughout the magic ring.

square-motif-glasses -milk-construction-1 square-motif-glasses-cover-development-1

2) Two double handrails between the handrails and among them Via pulling 1 chain, we get 24 handrails.

square-motif-glasses-cover-construction-2 square-motif-glasses-quilt-development-2

3) We make three double handrails between the handrails we make, and we pull one chain after each handrail.

We make THREE handrails within the different house. we can make a corner to the other space, we make the top 2 instances and make FOUR of the triple handrails. We pull THREE chains and make 4 triple handrails in the same position. we’re making 3 double handrails once more. We don’t fail to remember to drag 1 chain among three handrails. square-motif-glasses-cover-construction-4 square-motif -gozluk-kilifi-yapimi-FOUR

We knit FIVE motifs in this manner.

FIVE) We do all of them as double handrails as within the picture underneath.

square-patterned-glasses-cover-construction-5 square-patterned-glasses-quilt-development-FIVE

6) We mix the motifs aspect through side as follows.

square-motif-glasses-cover-construction-6 sq.-trend-glasses-cover-development-6

7) After combining all of the motifs, we mix 4 of them with frequent needles.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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