Star Model Beret Making

Hi ,,

Nowadays we will make a celebrity development beret for you.

This knitting fashion, which now we have made a neckband and hair band, has additionally been very fashionable!

you will knit and knit easily and begin the usage of it instantly.

Let’s get started!


1 Snowball Punto Bebe Blue colour hand knitting thread EIGHT mm crochet Able made pompon

Big Name Pattern

First, 3 chains are drawn on the common needles, let’s accumulate a loop via sinking into the following, next, the loop on the backside, the next slot, the next slot. and let’s gather all of the loops in one loop. Then, we acquire the knot via amassing the knots within the puts in the picture and pulling all of them in combination


1. Let’s pull 50 chains in combination and slide the first chain via looping.

2. Let’s make 1 single handrail.

3. Let’s practice the superstar pattern.

4. 1 frequent to each loop for 1 row let’s make the needle.

5. Let’s apply the celebrity trend.

Let’s arrange FIVE rows of star models this manner.

star-model-neck collar-construction-1

We switch to cuts.

6. 2 knit, 1 cut regularly Let’s knit with needles to the top of the row.

7. Let’s practice the celebrity trend to the formed loops.

8. Let’s knit until the top of the row with common needles within the type of 2 knits, 1 cut.

9. Let’s observe the celebrity trend to the formed loops.

10 Let’s knit until the tip of the row with frequent needles within the type of 2 knits, 1 minimize. Let’s accumulate the remaining loops with the needle, cut the thread and hide it.

11. Let’s practice a crochet rubber knitting trend by way of knitting the double handrails within the form of 1 front and 1 back of the only handrails.

Whether Or Not it’s in a position-made pompom otherwise you can sew it by means of creating a pompom from your own thread.

and ready!


Health to your hand!

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