Star Model Hair Band Making

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Lately, we will make a celeb style scarf with you.

you’ll be able to also use this hair band to maintain your ears warm by knitting with thick threads in wintry weather days.

Let’s get started with this hair band that you simply can do in an instant!


Snowball Element hand knitting threads EIGHT mm crochet


1) Pull 50 chains Let’s mix it with the beginning.

2) Let’s make single handrails into every slot.

3-4) Unmarried handrail by means of sinking from the place in the picture in each and every slot Let’s do it.


5) Let’s apply the big name development to the tip of the line.

Megastar Style

Favorites i What initially pulled over the 3rd chain, the following, the next, the stitches on the foot of the next slot, let’s social gathering, and all of the loops in the stitches of the next slot sank a loop. Subsequent, let’s collect the stitches via pulling the puts in the picture and pull them all together.


6) Let’s make unmarried handrails until the top of the road.

7-8) Let’s make unmarried handrails via sinking from the bottom.

Let’s cut and hide the rope.

and ready!

Star Model Hair Band Making

Star Model Hair Band Making

Use in stunning days!

star-modeled-sheet-band-tape-making famous person- modeled-sheet-band-development

Health to your hand!

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