Star Model Neck Collar Making

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These Days, we will be able to make a perfect neck collar with a celeb development for our children.

you’ll be able to make yourself a neckband by means of increasing the number of chains with this knitting style that is very fashionable and very simple.

Let’s start then?


Snowball Aspect Blue hand knitting yarn 8 mm crochet


Celebrity Pattern

First, 3 chains are drawn on common needles, let’s gather a loop by sinking into the following, next, subsequent loop, next slot, next slot, and accumulate the entire loops in one loop. Next, let’s collect the stitches via pulling the places in the image and pull them all together.


Neck Collar

1. Let’s pull 50 chains in combination and start with a hoop.

2. Each And Every chain Let’s make 1 unmarried handrail.

3. Let’s get started making use of the famous person style.

4. Let’s make 1 row of needles regularly.

5. Let’s apply the famous person trend.

Let’s repeat steps THREE and 4 on this approach to set up a total of five rows of celebrity models.

star-model-neck collar-construction-1 star-style-neck collar-development-1

And our neckband is set!

star-model-neck collar-construction famous person-type-neck collar-construction

Health on your hand!

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