Star Patterned Keychain Making

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Now We Have ready a celebrity Trend Keychain recipe that you just will love for you.

Let’s start this recipe that’s really easy to make!


La Mia Baby Cotton Red (L033) colour hand knitting thread2.5 mm crochet Gobelin needleWhite color big bead Key chain ring


Sh: Magic ring

Cc: Stitch shift

Zn: Chain

X: Frequent needle

Dc: Double handrails

Dcv: 2 double handrails within the related hollow

Tr: Triple handrail

Trv: 2 triple handrails within the similar hole


1) Bypassing 24dc, 6zn

2) 1dc, 3zn, 1dc into Sh.

We return the entire sequence via doing the similar operation. We create 12 slots in total.

star-motif-keychain-construction-1 superstar-motif-keychain- we’re going to the highest row with the construction-1


THREE) 4dc into the primary slot, 4dc into the next slot, 4dc to the next slot, 4dc to the next slot, we continue.

star-motif-keychain-construction-2 superstar-motif-keychain-building-2

We transfer as much as the highest by means of scrolling stitches as within the image.

star-motif-keychain-made-3 famous person -motif-keychain-making-THREE

4) 3zn, we put 4tr, 2zn, 4tr, 8dc within the comparable hollow with 1x within the middle of where we knit. 4tr, 2zn, 4tr.

We repeat this procedure until the end of the sequence.

star-motif-keychain-making- 4 famous person-motif-keyring-making-FOUR

We restore the loop in cc to the first zn we pull.

star-pattern-keychain-making-5 superstar-trend-keyring-making-5

10zn we pull and fix it into the opposite loop. We pass the white bead throughout the chain.

We additionally wear the key ring. And this is our Megastar Motif Keychain able.

star-motif-keychain-construction-6 famous person-motif- key chain-making-6

Good well being in your fingers!

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