Stool Cover Making

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The stool cover if you want to amendment the air of your house is both very cool and really easy! you simply need to recognise the handrail methodology.


Snowball Amigurumi ip2 mm crochet within the colours you need


1. We pull out EIGHT chains and make them ring. We pull 2 ​​extra chains and make 12 handrails in the ring in total.

2. We knit at the finish of the row as 2 handrails + 1 chain.

3 . We knit the bottom row of chain blanks by way of making THREE handrails + 1 chain to the top of the row.

4. We knit every house with 1 handrail + chain blanks to the end of the row. .

5. We knit every space through making 1 handrail to the tip of the row.

6. 3 handrails + 2 chains at this time we make 3 chains within the backside row and sink.

7. We pull 3 handrails + 2 chains into the gaps in the bottom row and do the same to the other gap.

8. We make 1 handrail in every hole + THREE handrails in the chains in the bottom row.

We continue to knit these samples through repeating them till they’re large enough to cover your stool. when we succeed in the scale we wish, we knit by way of pulling THREE handrails + 1 chain in order that the edges will start to curl. on this approach, we knit and finish several rows. Then we pull the chain to encircle our sheath and move it in the course of the holes within the closing row in order that we will tighten the sheath to the stool.

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