Strawberry Fiber Making

Hello everyone!

We’ve a fiber fashion which will upload color to your bathrooms!

you’ll instantly knit this beautiful strawberry fiber and produce the smell of your favorite fruit for your toilet!

Let’s get started very quickly! !


Snowball Crystal hand knitting threads;
Pink (K125) color thread
Dark Green (K1477) colour thread2 mm crochet


We knit with a crimson rope.

1) We pull out 7 chains and create a ring.

2) We knit 8 triple peanuts by pulling 2 chains.

strawberry-fiber-making-1 strawberry-fiber-making- 1

3) We knit 2 peanuts in the best row through pulling 2 chains within the first hole among the peanuts. We knit one peanut within the next 3 spaces. Then we knit once more 2 peanuts into the similar area, and we entire one row through knitting one peanut in the subsequent three areas. We all the time pull two chains between the peanuts.

The parts the place we knit two peanuts in one area turn into the puts of increasing our fiber.

4) In The upper rows, we proceed to grow our fiber by means of knitting 2 peanuts to the similar space in the upper rows and one peanut to the areas in among.

5) We knit by expanding our fiber in a total of 14 rows from the primary row.

There must be 15 peanuts in between rankings. strawberry-fiber-making-2 We knit with crimson and inexperienced thread.

6) We Will no longer increase or lower at this time. We connect our green colour thread to the space that we building up and make 1 peanut. Then we make a complete of 7 peanuts, 1 in each and every space, with our purple thread. Now, we knit one pistachio to the following 2 spaces with a green rope. We go back to the crimson thread and knit 7 peanuts once more and knit 1 peanut with a green thread into the distance at the level of the increase again. on this manner, we whole the remainder of the queue.

7) Next we will be able to start to subtract. To the suitable of one green peanut we knit within the space on the level of increment, we sink with a green thread and knit 1 peanut, however sooner than accumulating the peanut, we knit 1 peanut within the space to its left and gather 2 peanuts together.

Then we knit 1 more peanut in the area subsequent to our red thread. We knit FOUR pink pistachios, FIVE inexperienced pistachios and 4 red pistachios and proceed to the reduction segment. In the same way, we knit one peanut to the correct and one to the left of the single peanut at the increment stage and gather the two peanuts in combination. Through continuing this manner, we whole our series.

EIGHT) In the next row, we are doing our aid starting from the similar alignment. After subtraction, we knit 2 green peanuts, 1 crimson peanut, EIGHT inexperienced peanuts, 1 red peanut and a pair of inexperienced peanuts and decrease them again. We entire the series in this fashion.

We knit with green thread.

9) We proceed to subtract and knit most effective 2 rows of inexperienced peanuts. Within The final row, there should be 12 pistachios among the extraction parts.

you’ll be able to see the extraction portions extra obviously within the image below.

 10) While wrapping the top of our fiber, we sink into a gap, pull FIVE chains and sink into the same gap again.

on this method, we acquire the entire blanks with a chain. We move the cord through the holes we create with chains.

We knit with a pink thread.

12) We pull FOUR chains on the top of the wire, we knit THREE peanuts within the chain. We knit 2 peanuts in the best row and 1 peanut within the ultimate row, making a small strawberry motif. We do the similar on the different finish of the cord.

Our strawberry fiber is set!

cilek-lif-made-4 strawberry-fiber-making-FOUR

Well Being on your fingers!

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