Striped Baby Sweater Making

To Lift your young children with your personal braids, let’s get the skewers on your palms. One rope;
1 Yellow (K1321) color thread
1 Black (K940) color thread
1 Grey (1432) colour ip4 mm needle


< Dimensions are suitable for 1.5 years.


Get Started with yellow thread.

1) 70 loops are thrown. . EIGHT rows of 2 reverse, 2 flat rubber knit are made.

2) Then the flat knit is began. Knit a undeniable weave with 2 rows of black and a couple of rows of gray yarn till the body duration is 22-25 cm.

3) THREE loops are knit flat for arm separation, FOUR for cut 5.6. The loops are cut without delay, that may be, 2 loops are minimize in overall, 3 loops from the rest 6 loops against the top of the row are minimize within the same way and three loops are knit flat. We cut 4 loops in 1 row. This reducing process continues each FOUR rows. After slicing a complete of 8 occasions, the remainder loops are picked up and kept in line.


Get Started and knit within the related manner as the again. in the 7th cut, the loops are targeted and 15 loops are cut, at the return, one more loop is cut from the perimeters, and the remaining loops after the eighth minimize are taken out of the bottle and kept.


With a yellow thread 38 stitches are began.

1) . 8 rows of 2 reverse, 2 flat rubber knit are made. Each And Every 10/20/30/40. in the rows, 1 stitch is higher on all sides, and then a complete of FORTY SIX stitches are continued in the building up. the similar procedure we do at the front and again is applied for the arm reduce. After the eighth cut, the rest lines are taken from the bottle and saved.


The loops on the front, back and fingers are knitted together for the collar. With a yellow thread, 2 reverse, 2 instantly, 8 rows of rubber knitting are knitted and all loops are minimize.

Then palms and body are sewn.

Veee in a position!

Well Being in your hand!

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