Stylish Sweater Making

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The knitting we frequently prefer in autumn and iciness at the moment are sweater models.

6 Gazzal Rock ‘N’ Roll Red (12833) color ip5 mm knitting needles, 4.FIVE mm line, 2.FIVE mm and four mm twisted needles


Back Side

1. Knit 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit until 80 cm to 7 cm.

2. 1 row straight after the tire, 1 row is knit the other way up 35 cm.

THREE. The arm cut is made as FOUR + 3 + 2 + 1.

Entrance Facet

1. Knit 1 opposite and 1 flat rubber knit until it begins with> EIGHTY loops and turns into 7 cm.

2. After the tire, Y Twirl Model is modified. it’s established as FIVE + FIVE + 5 + 5 on the middle 20 loops. Different loops are knit in plain weave.

3. A twirl development is repeated in each and every 10 rows. within the 11th row, 30 loops are knitted flat. the first 5 loops of twisted bottle are connected and stored on the again of the knit in the bottle. After the next 5 loops are knitted flat, the loops which are held are knitted flat. FIVE loop twisted bottles are attached and kept at the entrance of the knitting. After the next 5 loops are knitted, the loops that are held are also knitted flat. The collection is completed by knitting the rest 30 loops instantly. on this approach, the primary auger is knitted and the Y auger type is dependent. After 10 rows of knitting, the similar procedure is continued until the period of the braid is FORTY ONE cm.

4. The arm cut is made as FOUR + 3 + 2 + 1.

5. When the arm space height is 10 cm, the loops are divided into two and a hidden loop is got rid of proper in the middle. The hidden loop got rid of is kept till front aspect of the knitting ends.

6. 1 loop is cut on the again aspects of the knitting till the choice of loops on the proper and left collar is 15.


Front and again sides of the sweater are sewn the wrong way up. The knitting is sustained by reducing so as and the collar takes the shape of ‘V’. While the tire reaches the required duration, the loops are reduce.

Rock ‘N’ Roll is completed with a stylish and shiny taking a look sweater.

Excellent well being!

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