Summer Kids Blouse Making

Hello everybody!

How approximately striking your child’s favourite colours in combination and knitting a stylish shirt to her?

This stylish and snug blouse won’t ever make her sweat!

we begin knitting right away!


Snowball Cotton Mix hand knitting threads;
Powder Red (2126S) colour thread
Fuchsia (2359S) colour thread
White (2116S) colour ip3 mm crochet


Sizes are appropriate for 3 years antique.


We knit powder with purple colour thread.

1) We knit the primary row via making 3 triples on 30 chains.

2) We transfer to the 2d place through pulling THREE chains. We make one triple handrail to the primary FOUR loops, then we pull 1 chain and skip 1 loop and sink into the following area and make 1 triple handrail. We repeat this process until there are 4 holes. Then we make 1 triple handrail for FOUR stitches again. Then we start making holes by way of pulling 1 chain and skipping 1 loop.

This method we knit to the end of the row.



summer time-child-blouse-making-3

summer-child-blouse-making-4 summer-child-shirt-making-4

THREE) 2 . We continue with the example we did in order 2 extra.

summer-child-blouse-construction-5 summer time-kid- blouse-making-5

4) FIVE.

We knit THIRTEEN rows. summer-child-blouse-making-7 summer-child-blouse-making-7


1) we start with 70 chains. We knit 33 rows.

summer-child-blouse-making-8 summer-kid-blouse-making-EIGHT

Entrance and Collar

1) we commence with 70 chains. After knitting 25 rows, we begin keeping apart the collars.

2) 26. After knitting 24 loops in row, we knit 7 extra rows. We observe the same process for the other collar.

summer-child-blouse-construction-9 summer time-kid-shirt -yapimi-9

You’ll Be Able To make the merge by matching the colors in combination by sewing the needle with needle or needle.

cottage-child-blouse-construction-10 summer time-child-blouse-construction-10

Well Being on your fingers!

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