Summer Vest Making

How approximately making summer vests which will add class on your combos?

Whether you’ll knit crocheted, really easy summer season vests for your self or your family members within a couple of hours, you can start using them straight away.


3 pieces L. A. Mia XL Mercerized Orange (194) colour ip4 mm crochet


* Appropriate for dimension 34-36.

Shoulder and Again

* Start from the shoulder.

1) 14 chains for shoulders by pulling 5 1 increase is made out of the left and right. there will be 21 chains in the heart of the shoulder.

2) For the nets, 2 chains are made through jumping 2 chains alongside the road.

3) 2 rows of double rails are made to every hole. a total of FIFTY EIGHT double handrails are formed.

* 2. and three rd places are repeated 2 extra occasions.

4) 4 rows More right and left 1 increments the rows will proceed within the same means . There are 76 double handrails in general.


1) Shoulders start with 14 chains.

2) 2 chains are made via leaping 2 chains. THE NEXT 2 rows are double handrails in each and every hole. (This procedure is repeated till there are 10 rows.)

THREE) Next 9 rows 1 ‘from right and left Proceed with each and every increment. In general, 36 double handrails are shaped.

* you can decorate with tassels in accordance on your taste.

Your summer season mane is set!

Use it on satisfied days.

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