Sun Figured Square Pattern Making


I came up with a recipe to light up our motifs.

Square motif with a solar determine!

you’ll be able to knit great blankets with this beautiful motif.

Let’s get started now!


Kartopu Amigurumi hand knitting threads;
Yellow (K330) color thread
Dried Rose (K1749) colour thread2.FIVE mm crochet


Let’s knit with yellow color thread.

1) Let’s make 12 double handrails to the magic ring.

2) 2 double handrails to every slot.

3) Let’s sink into one slot and sink into one slot.

Let’s knit with a rose-coloured thread.

FOUR) Permit’s pull 3 chains, make double handrails, * 1 unmarried handrail, 2 common needles, 1 unmarried handrail, double handrail. Allow’s make triple handrails in the different slot and draw 2 handrails in the similar slot by pulling 2 chains, permit’s make 2 handrails. *

* Permit’s repeat the operations among the top of the row.

5) Allow’s make handrails on the handrails, allow us to make 2 handrails, 2 chains, 2 handrails to the space in the corners.

6) Permit’s repeat the fifth row.

sun-figured-square-motif-making-1 solar-figured -kare-motif-yapimi-1

Sun Rays

Let’s knit with a yellow thread.

1) pull 35 chains allow us to unite. Permit’s make FIVE needles, return and make one and 4 needles, return and make 1 and three needles. Allow’s proceed until 1 needle is left on this method. Then, let’s go down the brink of the triangle formed through the scroll manner. Permit’s make FIVE widespread needles and repeat the same operations.

There need to be 7 rays in total.

sun-figurlu-square motif -made-2 sunshine-figured-square-motif-make-2

2) the yellow a part of the solar in the motif Allow’s puncture.

Our sq. determine with solar determine is about!

sun-figured-square-motif-making 3 sunshine-figured-square-motif-development-THREE

Health for your palms.

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