Tasseled Vest Making

Spring means cool evenings!

Oh, so that your back does not get cold, we’ve got introduced you a classy and very heat vest knitting pattern!

you’ll knit it easily with hahaha knitting and begin the usage of it instantly.


7 pieces YarnArt Merino Bulky Cream (502) hand knitting yarn 6 mm skewer



1 ) FIFTY FOUR loops start. For 60 rows (30 enamel), the knitting is knitted.

2) Within The 61st row, 5 loops are reduce for the armpit, FORTY NINE loops are knitted.

3) In The 62nd row, 5 loops are reduce, FORTY FOUR stitches are knitted.

4) 63th row is 2 loops, 1 loop is inverted, 38 loops are harosha, 1 the loop is inverted, 2
the loop is knit with a knit.

5) Within The 64th row, 2 loops are knit, 1 loop is straight (when knitting a flat loop, it is easy to knit like knit
knit with the ground loop), 38 stitches are knitted, 1 loop is flat, 2 stitches are knitted

6) knit in 39 rows as in step 5 .

7) Within The 103th row, 14 loops are knitted, 16 loops are lower, 14 loops are knitted.

The collar is lower and the shoulders are separated, first one shoulder over 14 loops. knit, then the other shoulder knit.

8) 104 stitches knit in row 104.

9) a hundred and fifth row Knit 11 loops the entire loops are minimize in row 106.

the opposite shoulder is knitted within the same approach.


Prevents (2 pieces)

1) 27 loops are began.

2) The 1St row is knit in the form of 2 loops of harosa, 1 loop of opposite, 24 loops of harosa.

3) 2 loops of 2 loops are knitted, 1 looper is flat (as in simple-knit knit, might be taken at the bottom loop) 24 loops of knit knit.

3) Continue knitting as in step 3 for 60 rows.

5) In The 61st row, FIVE loops are cut for the underarm, 2 loops for harosha, 1 loop for opposite, 16 loops for haros , 1 loop is inverted and a couple of stitches are knitted as harosa. 6) Proceed knitting as in step 3 for 35 rows.

7) For collar cuts in ninety fifth row; THREE loops at the starting are knitted, the next 2 loops are knitted together and decreased.

8) Collar decrements proceed as within the 7th row till 14 loops stay within the needle.

9) All loops are lower in row 109.

Again and entrance parts are sewn.


1) 32 cm threads are prepared. you’ll be able to get ready the tassels through wrapping them in a book.

2) layers of tassels are made.

3) Tassel is inserted with 1 tooth haro├ža aside. . FIVE loops are left between each fringe. The transverse second row tassel is inserted in order that it is between the upper tassels.


Well Being in your hand!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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