Teddy Bear Earphone Case / Keychain Making

I came with a knitting fashion that you just can use as a key ring with a cup of espresso and wish to save lots of you from a big hassle like mixing of headphones.

If coffees are able, let’s start now?


La Mia Diamond hand knitting thread;
1 Mustard Yellow (L003) colour thread
1 White (L001) color thread3 mm crochetBlack embroidery threadEtamine needle Scissors



Mustard Yellow is knitted with a colour thread.

1) It starts through pulling EIGHT chains.

2) Pull out 2 widespread needles, 3 chains and skip THREE stitches in series, 2 needles. Do 1 build up (2 widespread needles into 1 loop) into the following sew, after which 6 widespread needles are knitted. Doing 1 increment into the sixth stitch after which shifting to the 2d row with the loop sliding.

3) 3 needles into the 1st stitch, then 7 needles, 3 into the eighth stitch 3 needles, then 7 extra needles are knitted and stitched to the third row through sliding the loop.

4) A COMPLETE of 20 needles are made in a row, one for each loop, for 10 rows. < /

5) 7 widespread needles are made in the thirteenth row, THIRTEEN chains are drawn.

6) 20th in the 14th and 15th rows Needles are knitted incessantly.

7) Within The 16th row, 7 common needles are knitted and a pair of subtracted, then 5 frequent needles are knitted and a pair of subtracted.

EIGHT) Within The seventeenth row, the stitches of the knitting are taken together and the needles are knitted steadily. 7 widespread needles are made.

Ears (2 pieces)

Mustard Yellow is knitted with color thread.

1) Magic ring 6 needles are inserted into the ring and the ring is closed.

2) It’s finished by means of making 6 needles within the 2d row.

It’s sewn to the body with an etamine thread.

Care For

ELEVEN chains are pulled and sewn to the 9th row of the frame.


6 colored needles into the magic ring with a white rope and etamine as a cheek to the frame. It’s sewn with a needle. 2 cheeks are made. Nostril, eye and eyebrow are processed with black thread as within the symbol.

keychain-headphone-case-making key ring-headphone-quilt-making

in the event you desire, you’ll be able to combine portions with a button or a small zipper.

Pleasant knitting!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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