Tempo Knit Jacket Making

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With the knit jacket you’ll simply make, all winter can be heat!

Let’s start this jacket that you’ll be able to knit easily and very briefly with crochet!


6 pieces of Snowball Pace Purple (K748) colour ip12 mm crochet




1. 35 chains are drawn and 35 knitting needles are continued on the chain.

< 2. Whilst knitting duration is FORTY ONE cm, knitting is continued through slicing 2 + 1 frequent needles from either side of the knitting for arm space, respectively.

3. Finished when knitting period is SIXTY TWO cm.


Right Piece

1. 18 chains are pulled and 18 knitting needles at the chain continue.

2. While knitting period is FORTY ONE cm, knitting 2 + 1 needles from the appropriate facet of the knitting for the arm area, knitting FIVE times each row from the left aspect of the knitting for the collar, FIVE times every row.

THREE. Finish whilst knitting duration is 62 cm.

Left Piece

While knitting with the same numbers and sizes, the arm house is carried out from the left aspect of the knit and the collar is placed subsequent to the correct knit. /


1. 17 chains are pulled and 17 knitting needles are endured on the chain.

2. When the knitting duration is 20 cm, it is knitted thrice on either side of the knitting through increasing the needles in every row.

3. For knitting house while the knitting duration is 35 cm, for every arm knitting 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 needles are knitted from either side, respectively.

4. End while knitting length is 53 cm.

And it’s done!


Source : orgumodelleri.com

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