Thessaloniki Wool Cardigan Making

Iciness is even higher with wool cardigans!

you’ll knit a woolen cardigan with you, with the Thessaloniki knitting pattern you’ll be able to simply knit.

Nowadays we can knit you a wool cardigan.


FIVE items of Snowball Alpaca Game Gray (K1002) color ip6 mm trimmed skins6 mm socks skewers5 buttons


Cord is knitted the use of double coats.


1) Begin with 20 loops from the shoulders.

2) 20 rows of knitting with a Thessaloniki knit.

3) 1-2-THREE increments are constructed from the inside of the collar.

4) knit 20 extra strains and are available beneath the armpits and

the other shoulder is knitted within the related way.


1) It starts with 20 loops from the shoulders.

2) It’s knitted with 1 row of Thessaloniki knitting.

3) Higher through 1-2-3 from the inside of the collar.

the opposite shoulder is the moon It’s knitted in the similar method, then the shoulders are taken from the same bottle.

FOUR) 39 rows of selanic braids are knitted and armpit.


Back and entrance parts are taken below the armpit and knitting in combination.

1) A COMPLETE of 104 loops are shaped in the spit.

2) 88 rows of selanic braids are knitted.

3) 10 rows of one opposite, 1 flat rubber braid is knitted and finished.

Entrance Tapes

1) 3 loops 1 reverse, 1 flat tire is knitted through disposing of SEVENTY ONE loops from the best facet of the front phase.

2) 4th row ELEVEN -12, 27-28, FORTY THREE-FORTY FOUR, 59-60. The loops are knitted together and lower to open the button. Then building up with 1 greenback.

3) 3 more lines are knitted and completed.

FOUR) On The left facet of the front 7 loops, 1 inverted, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted and finished through casting off SEVENTY ONE loops in.


1) Throw the 30 loops from the armpit and pull them out with a Thessaloniki knit ONE HUNDRED TEN Sock knit.

2) Sock is sheathed and 10 rows of one reverse, 1 flat rubber knit are knitted and finished.


1) 4 rows 1 inverted via doing away with 62 loops from the collar, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted.

2) Within The 5th row, 4 and FIVE loops are knit in combination and reduce, and the button is opened, then increase through 1 locker.

3) 4 1 more row, 1 flat rubber weave is knitted and completed.

Cardigan is done by stitching palms and buttons.

find out how to make Simple Thessaloniki Knitting Model?

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