Three Color Wire Mesh Model Bag Making

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We make many products with combed fabric thread for decoration purposes. can we want to start making the bag making? house? > White colour ip7 mm crochet Ribbon lace


You’ll Be Able To alter the color transitions according to your preference. The type is manufactured from powder crimson, fuchsia and white colour transitions respectively.


1. We make 6 common needles into the magic ring.

2. We make 12 frequent needles to every stitch via double dipping.

3. We make 18 stitches to every stitch with 1 single and 1 double by pressing.

4. We make a total of 24 common needles for every sew with 2 unmarried and 1 double sink.

5. THREE unmarried for every loop We make a complete of 30 common needles with 1 pair of sinking.

6. Meanwhile, we transfer to the highest by chain execution.

Top Aspect

1. We make widespread needles for each loop.

2. We positioned the mat trend in the 2nd row. within the fashion, we make an extended spike from the bottom of the first spike grain. in the 2nd loop, we make the one stitch at the back of the loop. We continue the third stitch within the type of an extended spike taken from the bottom.

3. in the third row, we make the spike taken from the again loop over the longs, and the other long spike. In different words, we create our wicker type through doing the other of what we did in the 1st position and in the second.

4. We continue through keeping apart 10 knots where we will knit and take away the luggage till we reach the specified period. We create the distance through pulling 10 chains in the highest row once more.

5. We knit till it reaches the required length, we make the handle to be hung by means of pulling 10 chains within the last row, that may be, earlier than the chain execution, and end it through making chain execution.

We adorn our bag by creating a bow lace ribbon. > our bags are able!


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