Tree Root Beanie Making

Hey !

Nowadays we enhance our hair with tree roots!

prepare to knit your self a modern beret!

we now have brought you a very stylish beret braid development. .


1 Utopia Vintage Navy Blue (U28) hand knitting yarn 4 mm knitting wool needle


1) 98 loops we begin knitting with.

2) We knit 2 opposite, 2 flat rubber knit for 12 cm.


3) Then straight knitting along 1 row, backslashing alongside 1 row We knit.

We switch to Tree Root Knitting Type.

Tree Root Knitting Style consists of 12 stitches. 6 loops are knit with three twists to the best and the following 6 loops are knit with three to the left.

4) After We come to the front of the knit, we knit 13 loops immediately. We follow the tree root knitting type to the next 12 loops. We knit the next 12 loops once more flat and once more positioned the trend on the following 12 loops.

5) This Way we positioned 4 fashions in total till the top of the row. We knit 12 loops instantly FOUR instances. After We depend the primary and final stitches, we should have a total of 98 stitches.

6) We knit all the stitches on the backside.

We repeat these operations extra instances.

7) Then we put our style on the obverse once more within the similar method. So we repeat one in all our models in 4 rows.

8) Whilst there are FIVE augers in overall, we change the positioning of the pattern. In other words, we placed the tree root knitting pattern on the place where we make 12 loops immediately and knit 12 stitches on the place where we make tree roots.

We continue this fashion until there are 5 augers once more.

tree-odor-beanie-3 tree-scent-beanie-3

9) Front whilst pattern is completed When We are at the face, we minimize all the loops by way of knitting them in pairs. We do not cut at the again aspect, we knit all the loops backwards.

10) We reduce all of the loops back in two at the obverse, we knit the backside back.

11) At The obverse, we minimize all loops in pairs for the closing time.

12) We cast off the remainder loops from the needle and thread them with the assistance of needles. We stitch the back seam and whole the beret.

Tree root beret able to use!

if you happen to want, you can enhance your beret using able-made furry pompoms or through making pompoms your self.

Tree Root Beanie Making

Tree Root Beanie Making

Well Being to your hand!

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