Tulle Ruffle Cardigan Making

Hello everybody!

We introduced you an overly stylish cardigan fashion!

Tulle ruffled cardigan will suit your child really well!

Make A Selection your color and let’s get started knitting! < /


2 Snowballs Baby Herbal Beige (K1861) color hand knitting yarn3.5 mm skewers3.FIVE mm trimmed skewers Polka dot tulle ruffles 3 buttons


Entrance and the again items are knit together. / sturdy> the first row is finished with a loop of ruffle tulle. In doing so, the tulle have to be on the again of the braid. First the spit is positioned into the loop, then one hollow of the ruff is passed through the bottle, the rope is wrapped across the bottle and 1 loop is knitted flat. whilst you use the ruffle tulle holes as many because the collection of stitches, the ruffle appears naturally. After knitting the first row with frill tulle, you’ll be able to reduce the tulle.

THREE) 4 rows of knitting. After the hahasa, plain weave is began.

FOUR) The Front aspect of the braid is knit 1 row flat.

5) 2. rows or even-numbered rows or the again side of the weave are inverted.


After the pre-pat, 3 loops are flat, 1 loop is wrapped, 2 loops are knitted at one time, and 6 loops are instantly up to the opposite thread.

7) 5. row is just knit flat.

8) 7. knitting 7 loops flat, 1 loop winding, knitting 2 loops at one time after the row, repeating 6 loops immediately to the other knitting.

NINE) For Every buttonhole and buttons 5 loops on both sides knit harasha through the knitting. the primary buttonhole is opened after 14 teeth harosha from where the place we switch to flat knitting, and the second is opened earlier than 12 tooth harosa. The third buttonhole may be opened even as knitting the collar. based on the order we started, the knit is 30-30, the back size is knitted one after the other. 55 loops are knitted one after the other. you’ll additionally depend the 9th finished openwork row as a measure from the openness degree you made in the primary row. in the front collar minimize, 7 loops are minimize at once.

The dimension of the knit is adjusted to be ELEVEN in line with the openwork development at the 2d row. in this approach, the front shoulders are closed as 15 loops.

3) The 55 loops which might be reserved for the back size are carried out with the openwork pattern and the length of the knit is in a similar fashion primarily based at the openings at the 2d row, making it handiest ELEVEN truncated at once.

tul-firfirli-hirka-yapimi-1 tul-firfirli-hirka-yapĂ˝- 1


1) Palms 45 loops are began. Taking the first row with a flat loop, knit with the ruffle. 5 loops are flat, 1 loop is coiled, 2 loops are flat in combination, 6 loops are knit flat. This procedure is repeated.

3) A loop is greater 6 instances from the sides alongside the knitting.

FOUR) counting from the top, the loops are reduce directly whilst the openwork pattern within the 9th row is finished.

With front and again body knitted together, the palms are ironed and sewed at a low environment so that they don’t contact the tulle.

tul-firfirli-hirka-yapim-2 tul-firfirli-hirka-yapim-2


1) The Use Of the ruffle tulle, the cut-off bottle is far from EIGHTY loops.

2) Knit maintains as a blindness. > THREE.

the loops are closed after the thread is closed.

5) Buttons are sewn to the puts similar to the buttonholes.

Cardigan is ready! = “image” src = “http://server2.uploadextra.com/ImgProxy.php/one?resim=https://d53mv838ivkun.cloudfront.net/wp-content material/uploads/2019/07/05020130/1562245033805.jpg “alt =” tul-firfirli-hirka-yapimi-3 “width =” 306 “height =” 408 “/> tul-firfirli-hirka-yapimi-THREE

Well Being to your hands!

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