Tunisian Booties Production

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We brought a very easy knit booties fashion!

With this knitted booties that remind us of our grandmothers’ grandmothers, make both nostalgia and stay your toes warm!

Then let’s start!


1 YarnArt Loopy Color Ebruli hand knitting yarn1 YarnArt Air Of Mystery Beige hand knitting yarn3 mm tunisian crochet / needle Wool needle


Tunisian Industry

First, let’s talk about how the Tunisian business is knitted. This knitting taste, that’s very simple for folks that know the way to make use of crochet and needles, will definitely make you content as a end result. This house shoe / booties / panduf will probably be an excessively simple knitting methodology for freshmen due to its knitting and becoming a member of way. we complement. an important factor is that we don’t pull the chain while turning or after we need to gather a loop, and we go the thread beneath the upright thread, as you can see whilst accumulating a loop, and acquire the loops in our Tunisian crochet (1), (2). We knit as many as (3).
tunisia-isi-home- shoes-making-1

Make Tunisian Knitting?

Home Footwear

1) This Tunisian paintings, which has the characteristics of crochet and needle, is primarily used in our skewers. we can create FORTY loops as we do.

This measurement should be long sufficient to go from one aspect of our ankle beneath our foot to close our ankle on the different facet.

2) We knit tunisian work for 26 rows.

3) We knit 6 rows by 1 decrement on either side, leaving 20 cm of rope in the remaining row and cutting our string.

4) We double our knit in the middle. The decrements must overlap and the phase the place we started knitting should overlap.




tunisia-warmth-home-shoes -yapimi-4

5) We stitch the heel section and tip (the part that looks in black) with the primary color thread we knit.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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