Tunisian Work Colored Supla Production

Enhance your tables with colorful knits!

With its simple and rapid building, you’ll make suppos and entertain your visitors with pleasure.


2 pieces of los angeles Mia Lollipop Ebruli (LL006) Cushy Paper ip3.FIVE mm tunisian knitting needles / crochet


You’ll Be Able To click for Tunisian Knitting Trend.

2 balls of wire have been used for two supla.

1) We pull out 6 chains with our bottle and mix it to shape a ring.

2) We make 14 needles right into a loop that we created and loop stitches. we finish ..

3) We pull 29 chains. We knit with 7 loops of tunisian knitting methodology, we go back with the same method.

4) We knit with 14 loops of tunisian knitting, we go back with the similar methodology.

5) We knit with 21 loops of tunisian, we go back with the same methodology.

6) We knit 28 loops, we make the 29th stitch through pressing the needle steadily and knit the twenty ninth and 28th stitch in combination and go back with the similar methodology.

7) We complete this order with tunisian method, with 2 fillings to each common needle within the ring.

We knit by way of applying 28 rows of tunisian method in total.

8) We knit the twenty ninth row with common needles. z.

Excellent well being.

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