Twirl Hair Band Making

Hi everyone!

I created a headband model that anybody who knows simplest simple weave can simply do.

Let’s start knitting this gorgeous headscarf in no time!


Snowball Melange Wool Gray (M1009) color hand knitting yarn 4 mm skewers


1) We Commence the trend with 6 stitches and knit harosa.

<2) After 15 tooth are damaged, we start to knit flat knitting through increasing a loop from the best and left. auger-sheet-tape-making-1 auger-sheet-tape-making-1

3) When You achieve 22 stitches, you’ll be able to end expanding and 20 we knit a straight knit in a row. We knit 24 rows of lines.


auger-sheet- bandi-yapimi-3

5) We Change the 2 portions left and proper and provide auger view.

6) We cut the thread on the left piece and pass the similar loops in the similar bottle.

7) When the choice of loops within the needle is 22 once more, we knit 20 rows of undeniable weave.

auger-sheet-tape-making-5 auger-sheet-tape-making-FIVE

8) Then we proceed to knit by cutting a right and left sew and achieve 6 loops once more and knit once more 15 haros.

The choice of haros here might range dependent on your head measurement.

9) We stitch from the ends and end the style.

the most productive a part of the tape is thin because the such a lot measure of the harosha within the nape part. to be knitted. this offers ease of use. you can additionally use this concept in other models of headbands.

auger-sheet-tape-construction twirl-sheet-tape-making

we want you to knit with excitement and use it on excellent days.

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