Twisted Baby Hat Making

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We’ve introduced a super hat style so that they can fit your young children very well.

With this burgundy model, this hat may be very different from the knitted hats you have got noticed thus far!

Easily With this hat you can knit, you’ll be able to give protection to your small children from the cold.

Style consists of 4 reverse, 4 auger, FOUR reverse and a pair of auger mesh. In overall, we will be able to get started as 14 times + FOUR loops.

1. Let’s start A HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR loops and knit flat knit for 25 rows.

2. Let’s knit 2 rows of four opposite, 4 straight, FOUR opposite, 2 directly.

3. After knitting 2 rows, let’s to find 4 immediately loops 2-2 and a couple of instantly Let’s in finding the loops 1-1. Reverse loops will proceed in opposite.

4. Let’s make a twirl in 8 rows.

5. While there are 6 augers in general Let’s entire the collection as THREE knit, 1 reduce, THREE knit, 1 cut.

6. Let’s double sew the 25 rows of flat knit we made first. If we placed some cardboard on the entrance and placed it at the entrance aspect, it’ll stand more upright.

7. Let’s knit 22 loops on the right and left facets for the ear and knit a flat knit. Let’s knit on the front face till 2 or 3 loops remain through chopping from the edges.

8. Let’s accumulate the remainder 3 loops with crochet and make a lace by means of making pistachio. Let’s sew the pompom to the highest.

Here it is!


Health for your hand!

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