Twisted Scarf, Beret, Glove Making

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It’s not exhausting to be shielded from the chilly of winter and to seem trendy.

This scarf-beanie-glove trio, that is labored with crimson plaster colour, not only protects you from cold

Let’s start presently!


5 items Los Angeles Mia Wool Easy Purple (L201) color hand knitting 6 mm skewerPonponmatic



1. 20 loops are knitted beginning with 60 loops, 10 loops are instantly (a double twirl is made each and every 16 rows), 20 loops are knitted. >

2. When the knitting duration is 200 cm, the loops are reduce in 1 time.

THREE. Pompom is carried out to each ends of the weft.


1. Beginning 60 loops, knitting 20 loops to harosha, 10 loops straight (a double twirl is made each and every SIXTEEN rows), 20 loops to harosa knitting.

2. Loops in 1 time when the knit length is 50 cm It Is finished by reducing.

3. the two ends of the braid are sewn together. It’s shrunk by means of passing thread in the course of the sewn section. Pomp is made to the highest section.


1. 32 loops are beginning, 12 loops to harosha, EIGHT loops are instantly (a double twirl is made each and every 12 rows), 12 knit knit knitting.

2. While the knitting period is 20 cm, the loops are reduce by way of slicing in 1 time.

THREE. Sewn from the edges are combined.


Health to your palms!

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