V Openwork Vest Making

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These Days now we have instructed you how to make a vest with V openwork.

you’ll be able to finish it in a short time and dress it together with your child.

Let’s get started knitting this beautiful vest immediately!


Snowball Child One Prints hand knitting threads; 3.FIVE mm skewers


If the buttonhole is favored, the buttonhole will also be opened with a 10 teeth interval.

1) Let’s get started with 72 loops and make 2 tooth harasha.

2) Aside From 7 loops explode, 1 flip-1 reduce-1 turn-1 lower Let’s end.

3) Let’s knit 1 enamel harosa.

4) Let’s go to the fashion. Let’s totally weave. Knit 20 loops, knit 1 loop, knit 1 loop, knit 1 loop, knit 12 loops, knit 1 loop, knit 1 loop, knit 1 loop, knit 24 loops, knit 1 loop, knit 1 loop, knit 1 loop, knit 12 loop, knit 1 loop, 1 Let’s finish the row as knitting, knitting 1 loop, knitting 20 stitches.

5) Let’s knit the back rows as they arrive.

6) This time, let’s increase the 1 loops among the windings to 3, and proceed the remainder.

7) Subsequent, the 3 entrance loops increases to 5. Let’s continue the remainder precisely.

8) On This manner, let’s proceed till there are 9 loops among them.

If we notice, we now have a V-shaped openwork.

9) Next, let’s establish 1 loop proper within the center of 9 stitches and building up it from the left and right. In This means, let’s knit until we have now FOUR V.

10) Let’s lower the sleeves and knit the remainder loops immediately except for the fires.

11) After 24 cm flat knitting, let’s knit 6 tooth, and end your vest.



Well Being for your fingers!

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