Velvet Cardigan Making

It’s nostalgia time in knitting!

Velvet knitting is back!

Read our recipe now to simply make yourself a velvet cardigan!


5 Snowballs Class Claret pink colour ip5 mm needle



1) Start with 60 loops.

2) Knit rice pattern for 12 rows. the first row is knitted 1 reverse, 1 flat. in the higher rows, a simple weave is made on most sensible of the opposite, and a purl at the simple.

3-4) Directly weave is knitted as much as the 96th row. robust> in the 97th order, 2 instantly, 1 opposite, 1 straight, 1 opposite, 1 instantly, 1 reverse knitting is completed, then 3 loops are taken to front section and knit together and dropped right into a loop. Knit instantly until the ultimate 10 loops remain until the tip of the row. in the final 10 loops, the first THREE loops are knitted in combination, then 1 reverse, 1 straight, 1 opposite, 1 straight, 1 opposite, 2 instantly rows are completed.

5) 98th row plain knits at the aspects are easy knitted (knitting the bottom thread together), different loops are knitted as they arrive.

6) 99 and one centesimal row is continued within the same means.

7) The cuts proceed as in item 4 in the 101th order.

the same cuts are made at the top of every 4 rows and proceed till 24 loops remain in the spit.

8) 24 loops are knitted for six rows and completed through cutting all loops.


1) 35 stitches start.

2) 12 Brass knit is knitted along the rows.

3) in the thirteenth row, FIVE loops of braid are knitted, 30 loops are knit up to NINETY SIX rows in plain weave. 4) in the 97th row, reducing begins. The cuts are made as within the back.

4-5) Collar cut starts at 114. Decrement is made handiest at the entrance of the braid. At the top of five loops of brass knitting, one loops are lower out and 5 loops are made in 10 rows.

6) We Will proceed to cut the sides till only the side loops remain in our bottle.

7) We end the front pieces by means of keeping the remaining FIVE part stitches.



1) 30 loops are started.

2) 1 row of braid is knitted. Then the flat knitting is started.

3) The collection of stitches is larger on either side at NINE, 17, 25, 33, FORTY ONE, 49, 57, SIXTY THREE, 71 and 77th rows. it is higher to 50.

4) 93th cut begins. The cuts are made as in the back. A minimize is continued in FOUR rows till the number of stitches is 16.

5) FOUR rows of knitting are finished and all loops are completed by reducing.


All parts are sewn. FIVE loops left in the front parts are taken from the bottle and a loop is taken from the collar and knitted along the whole collar through knitting brass.

Well Being for your hand!

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