Verev Beanie Making

Hi ,,

We prepared an excessively simple and classy type for these cold days in wintry weather.

Knit and use it in an afternoon.

Let’s start!


Rosette Saray hand knitting threads FIVE mm trimmed shish pompom


1. Let’s sew EIGHTY loops. Let’s start knitting from the loop on the other finish of the needle. we will knit it lonely. Let’s knit 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber mesh. After 10 rows of tires, we transfer to the fashion.

Be Aware 1: Our collection of stitches must be a good quantity, or the model is not going to have compatibility.

2. 1 minimize from the front, 1 turn Let’s knit within the type of 1 minimize out, 1 cup. there may be no end or row on this weave. we will knit as so much as we want to dye.

Word 2: Every Other factor you need to concentrate to is to cut 1 stitch, 1 loop after the first row, and we will have to minimize the loop stitch proper next to it.

This If we concentrate to the 2 regulations, we won’t have any problems in our knitting.


. When the paint we would like (about 20 cm) comes, we cut all the loops two by two. Right Here, let’s put the sew setter the place we began the primary minimize so that there aren’t many reducing rows.

4. Let’s make two cuts again within the next row. Let’s placed the rest loops on the rope and lead them to cropped and make the puffs of the beret instead of the shir


And Prepared!


Well Being for your hand!

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