Victorian Patterned Baby Blanket Making

Hi everybody!

We came with an elegant blanket knitting development on the way to fit your little princes and princesses!

Let’s start knitting our blanket with this beautiful motif all together!


Colourful Yarnart Jeans hand knitting threads3 mm crochet


Blanket is EIGHTY × EIGHTY cm in size.

1) FOUR inside the magic ring we draw chains, we make double handrails and we pull 1 chain among them. We knit 12 handrails with the chain we pulled in the beginning. We mix it with looping and move to the following row.

2 ) In The Meantime, we pull 2 ​​chains, we make 2 double handrails through maintaining the loops in crochet, 2 we pull the chain. We mix the loop with the scroll after which sink into the space.

victorian-motif-baby-blanket-construction-1 victorian-motif-child-blanket-construction-1

THREE) In This row, we pull 5 chains, we regularly needle the chain gap in the backside row.

We pull once more 2 chains, we pin the following gap regularly. 5 knitting needles, 2 knitting needles, 2 knitting needles. We mix the loop with the scroll and sink into the space.



victorian-motif-baby-blanket-making -3

4) We pull THREE chains into the gap where we draw 5 chains, we make FOUR double handrails subsequent to it, in total there are 5 handrails. By Means Of pulling 2 chains, we connect 5 double handrails into the same space and fasten them to the primary area with widespread needles.

In This means, we finish this line. We combine the loop with scroll.



victorian-motif-baby-blanket-making- FIVE

5) Meanwhile, we pull 3 chains, we make 4 double handrails and a pair of more double handrails into the gap and there are 6 handrails in general. We make 2 double handrails into the space by means of pulling 2 chains and then 4 double handrails. We draw 3 chains, combine them into the gap with widespread needles, draw THREE chains again and continue this manner and finish this collection.


victorian-patterned-child-blanket-making -6



6) We do the stitch shifting twice and again 6 ta through doing what we do double handrails, we make 6 double handrails by means of pulling 2 chains into the void.

We have made 3 spaces. On This approach, we whole our collection. We transfer to the next row by way of scrolling in the course of the loop.



victorian-motif-baby-blanket -do I-9

7) 3. We make the chain from the chain, right here there are 10 double rails. We knit 6 double handrails, we make 2 double handrails into the hollow space, we pull 3 chains, we combine it with common needles and again we finish this order after we end the handrails by means of making THREE double handrails within the house again.

victorian-motif-baby-blanket-making-10 victorian-motif-child-blanket-making-10

EIGHT) We pull 3 chains, right here we make 14 double handrails.

We continue the distance within the similar manner after making 2 double handrails. victorian-motif-baby-blanket-making-11 victorian-patterned-child-blanket-making-ELEVEN

9) We knit 1 loop for each loop and four widespread needles into the gaps within the corners. We finish our motif.

victorian-motif-baby-blanket-making-12 victorian-motif-child- We make 25 motifs of blanket-making-12

10) . You Can make the colour order of the motifs as you wish.

victorian-motif-baby-blanket-making-13 victorian-motif- baby-blanket-building-THIRTEEN victorian-motif-baby-blanket-making-14 victorian-motif-child-blanket- making-14

ELEVEN) You’ll Be Able To make the border border as a shell model.

You’ll Be Able To combine motif combinations in this manner or by making common needles.

Our blanket is about!


I want you a pleasant knitting!

Love …

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