Virus Shawl Making

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We brought you this year’s trendy virus wrap type.

With the easiest expression…

Let’s start knitting at this time!


YarnArt Angora Lively marbling knitting threads5 mm crochet



1. 8 chains are drawn and the hoop is created.

2. THREE chains are drawn, 4 unmarried handrails are made into the ring, 1 chain is pulled and single handrails are made.

3. 6 chains are pulled, immediately immersed in the unmarried cage at the backside, and unmarried handrails are made, 2 chains are pulled in the same cage and a couple of cages are formed.

4. 3 chains are drawn, 4 one single handrail is made, 1 chain is drawn and the cage is made in the comparable place. FOUR unmarried handrails are made within the cage on the side, 1 chain is pulled and the cage is made again.

5. 6 chains are drawn, the first cage is manufactured from unmarried handrails, 2 chains are drawn in the same place 2. cage is made. Through taking a loop, unmarried handrails are made within the cage next to it, 2 chains are drawn and the cage is created by making handrails within the comparable place.

Rows with bizarre numbers are increment rows. The shawl is knitted in this means till it reaches the desired width, 2 lattices made in the same place within the extraordinary numbered rows are lowered to 1 lattice and the scarf is diminished and finished.

Health to your hand!

virus-sal-build virus-sal-construct
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