Waffle Model Hair Band Making

Hello !!

Lately we can make you a hair band with a waffle model.

i’m hoping you like it.

it is a laugh to make, it tells me from me.

Let’s start knitting very quickly!


Etrophil Bambino Lux Cotton Pink (70329) colour hand knitting yarn3.FIVE mm crochet


1) Let’s pull 20 chains.

2) Let’s hand rail each slot from the 4th chain.

3) 3 chains shoot it. Let’s whole the order within the form of 1 entrance handrail, 2 customary handrails, 1 front handrail.

4) Let’s make a handrail through sinking the loops that appear in entrance. Let’s stick usually to the loops that appear on the again and make a handrail.

5) Repeat the third and 4th row to create a total of 25 boxes.

6)  Let’s repeat the 3rd row within the last row and lower the rope. Let’s combine it with the other end.

waffle-pattern-sheet-tape-making-1 Middle Belt Segment

1) Let’s pull 11 chains.

2) Each fourth chain Let’s do a handrail within the nest.

3) Let’s observe the steps THREE and 4 above.

4) Let’s lower the rope whilst there are FIVE containers and wrap it within the stitched a part of the headscarf.

Our headband with waffle development is set!

Waffle Model Hair Band Making

Waffle Model Hair Band Making

Health in your palms!

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