Watermelon Children’s Bikini

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We introduced you a knitting development for you to fit your needs really well for summer season.

you’ll knit this watermelon bikini, which you can simply and quickly knit, via expanding the number of chains.


YarnArt Begonia hand knitting threads;
1 Inexperienced (6332) colour thread
1 Pink (5001) color thread
1 White (A THOUSAND) colour thread2 mm crochetBlack embroidery rope, needle


Inexperienced color starts with the rope.

1. ONE HUNDRED chains are drawn, ranging from the 4th chain, one double handrail to each chain a total of 97 handrails are made.

2. NINETY SEVEN handrails, one for each loop, are knitted for 5 rows.

White colour is put on the rope.

THREE. Begins to diminish from the perimeters. Two rows are knitted by means of reducing 1 loop from every head.

Red colour is handed.

4. 2 rows are subtracted from both ends by 1 loop. Knits are divided into two.

5. The knits are divided into two and knitted. First, FORTY SIX handrails are knitted by reducing 1 stitch from each head until THREE handrails remain. Then the opposite piece is knitted within the comparable method.

you’ll be able to make tassel or different decorations on the backside of the braid as desired.

Aspect Piece

1. Green thread to the aspect of the golf green part reconnects. 20 handrails are knitted.

2. Then, knitting 1 loops from the higher part, each knit is decreased, and the knitting is continued till THREE handrails remain.

< you’ll be able to make handrails or twine as you would like. watermelon-child-bikini-construction-2 watermelon- child-bikini-building-2

you’ll make core processing with black thread.

Be Aware: you can adjust, amplify and shrink the frame in any dimension you want to knit and chain.

watermelon-child-bikini-construction-3 watermelon-kid-bikini-building-3

Well Being to your hand!

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