Watermelon Model Kids Beanie Making

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Snowball Lily hand knitting threads;

1 Inexperienced (K392) colour thread
1 Pink (K150) color thread
1 Cream (K025) colour thread
1 piece of Black (K940) color ip6 mm skewer Wool needle


Sizes are suitable for five-7 years old.

1) SIXTY EIGHT stitches are stitched. a total of 9 rows (5 cm) of rubber knitting are knitted, together with 1 flat and 1 reverse. knitting is knitted.

it is knitted with purple color thread.

3) FOUR rows of simple weaves are knitted.

After this row, our black thread is tied to make it seem like the watermelon has its core.

4) Whilst knitting 5 rows of crimson, knit with a black thread at 10 loops. The string is accomplished from behind and knitted with a black thread in 10 loops to present the center symbol. Continue till the end of the line.

5) 6. This row is knitted most effective in crimson till the end of the row, since the row of red thread weave corresponds to the harosha part.

6) it’s knitted in the seventh and eighth rows by the purple knit manner.

7) NINE. The core image is given again in the queue. it is going to now not coincide with the previous core, so in the 9th row, 5 loops are knitted in purple, the 6th loop in black, and then 10 loops are knitted in purple, the eleventh loop in black. Thus, the kernels are not within the same place as the former kernels. Proceed till the tip of the row.

8) Once More, THREE rows are knitted most effective with a pink thread through the flat knitting approach.

9) This process keeps till the whole beret is 20 cm and while the beret is 20 cm, the black thread is lower and the crimson thread is sustained.

After that, the cutting means of the beret starts.

10) Whilst the beret is 20 cm, the loops of the beret are taken as pairs, and the primary reducing degree begins.

12) The loops within the harosha segment are taken double and knit again and in the flat section, they are knit again flat.

12) The loops within the harosha phase are double The chopping process is done through taking it.. Not Obligatory Depending On FOUR colors are mixed and pompoms.


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