Winter Ebruli Hat Making

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We brought you a knit beanie, that is coloured like lollipop candy and also you can also knit in a short time like an hour.

Let’s get started knitting in no time!


1 Snowball Wool Decor Prints Ebruli (D3152) knitting yarn with a colour ip12 mm line


1) Beginning with 30 loops from the ground of the hat.

2) ELEVEN rows of one reverse and 1 flat rubber knit are knitted.

3) 14 loops are diminished in the twelfth row.

4) 4 rows are knit flat and the top of the hat is shirred and sewn. The hat is done through combining it from the edges.

The hat will also be embellished with pompom optionally.

Winter Ebruli Hat Making

Winter Ebruli Hat Making

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