Witch Refrigerator Magnet Making

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In other phrases, Halloween has arrived! i’ve prepared a very unique knitting fashion a good way to suit each the existing day and your refrigerator all year round. Let’s get started knitting witch magnets color by way of colour, diverse?


Snowball Amigurumi rope;
1 Cream (K025) colour rope
1 Inexperienced (K1390) colour rope
1 piece of Black (K940) color rope, a small amount of red yarn, 2 mm crochet, Scissors, Knitting needle, Magnet, Silicone gun,


Sh: magic ring

Zn: chain

x: frequent needle

v: increase (2 frequent needles of the similar loop )

a: aid – subtraction (take 2 loops and go out directly)

hdc: unmarried handrail

dc: Binary handrail

popcorn: 1hdc, 1dc, 1hdc

The numbers i’ve given in parentheses are the overall done frequent needles



We Commence with skin-coloured thread.

1) Magic ring 6x

2) (2v, x) * 2 (10)

3) 2x, 2v , 3x, 2v, x (14)

4) 2x, v, 2x, v, 3x, v, 2x, v, x (18)

5) 4x, v, v, 7x, v, v, 3x (22)

6-7) 22x

8) 10x, 1popcorn, 11x (22)

9) 22x

10)   3x, a, a, 7x, a, a, 4x (18)

11) 2x, a, 2x, a, 3x, a, 2x, a , x (14)

12) 2x, a, a, 3x, a, a, x (10)

13)   x, a, a, x, a, a (6)

We reduce the rope and shut the open section through sewing it.

We reverse the face we made, it’s going to be the chin the place we finish.

14) black for needle we move the rope and make eyes on the right and left sides of the nostril at equivalent durations.

15) We make the mouth by means of putting a red or darkish red thread into the needle.

Witch’s face is whole.


1) We take black wool to make the hair.

2) As we will be able to see in the picture, we cut it 10 occasions.

3) We take the lower pieces 2 by means of 2 and add them to the correct and left sides of the top with a crochet hook.


We Commence with a green thread.

1) Make a magic ring and add 4x

2) x, v, x, v (6)


FOUR) 2x, v, 2x, v (EIGHT)

FIVE) 8x

6) 3x, v, 3x, v (10)

7) 10x

8) 4x, v, 4x, v (12)

9) 12x

10) 5x, v, 5x, v (14)

11) 6x, v, 6x, v (16)

12) 7x, v, 7x, v (18)

13) 8x, v, 8x, v (20)

We transfer to black color.

14) 9x, v, 9x, v (22)

15) 22x

We transfer to green rope.

16) 22 x

17) We Can all the time do the last row by means of sinking into the frontal lobes.

Thus, the hat used to be finished.

We comb the witch’s hair with a good-toothed comb. We split it in and tie it from the edges. We apply blush at the cheeks with the help of a thin brush. We complete the witch by way of sewing the ultimate hat on her head.

When the witch’s head is done, we stick the magnet to the back with the assistance of a silicone gun.


Source : orgumodelleri.com

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