Yumuş Kids Pandufu Production

Could you like to knit a cushy bootie for your kids?

it is very easy to knit pandufs with in a position-to-use soles!

With this knitting fashion, you’ll knit knitted puffs easily for your self and your kids.


1 Piece of Snowballs Yellow colour ip1 Piece of Snowball Roses Yellow color rope1 24-25 number in a position base3 mm crochet


Start with Snowball Roses.

1) From the holes at the sole, we commence from the center of the heel and loop around the only real by taking a loop. We take FIVE loops from the similar slot respectively, we take 6 loops from the same slot, two loops from the similar slot, 15, three loops from the same slot, 6, loops from the similar slot, 5, and three loops from the same slot, crocheting the sides of both bases.



child-panduf-making- 2


You’ll additionally have a look at their numbers from the image below.

cocuk- panduf-yapim-3 kid-panduf-yapim-3

Snowball will probably be made on the rope.

THREE) 1 We make 20 handrails by skipping a loop and making 1 double handrail to the following one.

We skip the remainder stitches through 1 stitch, and end them with 1 handrail subsequent.





FOUR) We knit this whole row by making 1 double handrail to every loop.

child-panduf-build-6 child-panduf-construct-6

5) with none aid increment 1 we will make 1 double handrail for every loop and start chopping the nose section.

child-panduf-build-7 kid -panduf-yapimi-7

6) We acquire two of them by means of picking a loop from the waist of the handrails to where shown in the picture under (that may be, from the triple slot we started even as we have been walking around the base to the triple slot we made).

We complete the series through trailing the rest loops.

child-panduf- made-12




EIGHT) We Are making handrails till we get to where we started to decrease. Finally, we collect the 6 loops we cut here with 3 double handrails and make our final aid. We knit the remaining loops as handrails.

child-panduf- made-14




NINE) We make FOUR extra double handrails for the higher a part of the boat.

co cuk-panduf-yapim-16 child-panduf-yapim-SIXTEEN

10) In our ultimate row, convey the thread to the period we would like and positioned a needle into each and every slot. We connect to.





The Other one we knit in the same approach.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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