Zigzag Chain Work Baby Vest Making

Hi everybody!

The Weather has warmed up well, but proceed knitting!

This very fashionable child vest that you will knit via simply pulling a series will fit your young children in no time!

Let’s start!


1 Snowball Bamboo Black (K940) color hand knitting yarn 1 piece of marbling hand knitting yarn in favored colors2 mm crochet


Black color yarn we knit.

1) We Commence to knit the vest as an entire from the ground. We draw 230 chains to form 56 cages. We draw 4 chains for cages, bounce THREE chains on the chain and sink into the fourth with double handrails. on this manner, we knit lattices with double handrails aligned. There need to be FIFTY SIX cages in each row until the seat.

2) We knit 16 lattice rows longitudinally till the seat.

3) Seat and We make a V-neck reduce. We allocate 28 meshes for the back and 14 meshes for front. you’ll see the cuts more obviously in the diagram beneath. We continue slicing until there are 7 lattices in front.

zigzag-chain-isi-baby-vest-construction-1 zigzag-chain-heat-baby-vest-construction-1

FOUR) We knit a total of NINE rows together with the cuts after the seat and whole the meshes of our vest.

zigzag-chain-heat-baby-vest-construction-2 zigzag-chain-warmth -baby-vest-making-2

We knit with marbled colour thread.

FIVE) Adjust the thread from front decrease corner of the waistcoat to the opposite facet of the knit and the crochet flat side. We draw zigzag from corner to corner with 4 chains by way of taking it from the bottom. We sink in the lower left nook of the cage, pull FOUR chains and sink within the upper proper corner. Then we pull FOUR chains from the ground right nook to the top left nook, and vice versa. you can see more obviously within the photograph below. We stay knitting the vest vertically up and down until all of the lattices are finished.

zigzag -chinc-heat-baby-vest-construction-3 zigzag-chain-heat-child-vest-construction-THREE

you’ll be able to do the threshold crochet in the fashion you need.

Our vest is set!



yig-zi-i-i-chain -yapimi-5


Health in your fingers!

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