Zipper Detailed Scarf, Beret, Glove Making

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Braids produced for males are classic…

A simple scarf, beret and the like. On The Other Hand, those triple suit zippers, which includes scarves, berets and gloves, play the primary place in originality with their fingerless gloves. rope 6 mm skewer THREE Zipper Needle



1. Knitting 1 + 1 rubber knit, ranging from A HUNDRED AND FIVE loops.

2. While the knitting duration is 17 cm, knitting is divided into 5 items to form the highest of the beret.

3. The sections separated in every row are reduce 3 by means of 3. While 5 loops stay on the top, the loops are lower in 1 time.

5. The zipper is stitched in combination.


1. ONE HUNDRED knots are began and 23 cm 1 + 1 rubber knit is knitted and completed in 1 time.

2. the second one piece is started with ONE HUNDRED TWENTY stitches and completed via knitting 26 cm 1 + 1 rubber braid and chopping it in 1 time.

3. Zipper is sewn on each portions.


1. 1 + 1 rubber knit is knitted beginning 25 stitches.

2. When the knitting length is 12 cm, the thumb is finished by developing FOUR palms while it is 18 cm.

3. To the higher middle a part of the glove. zipper is sewn.

learn how to knit gloves may also be found here.


Well Being on your fingers!

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